Choose the Perfect Harness

February 08, 2016

As with collars, there are many different styles of harnesses to choose from. It can be very confusing when it comes to choosing the best style that would suit you, and your dog's needs. Harnesses can be very helpful when it comes to being able to exercise better control over your dog, for training purposes, or for the overall comfort of your dog.

We have decided to break down the two styles of harnesses that we offer and how to measure for both.

Step-In Harnesses

Our step-in harnesses feature a closure in the back with two d-rings to hook your leash through, as well as one d-ring located at the front of the harness. Step-In harnesses are the most commonly used type of harness but the front-clip d-ring (patent pending) is unique to Danes & Divas® harnesses. Harnesses are useful for small dogs which may be susceptible to tracheal collapse from flat or martingale collars

H- Harness

H-Harnesses look like a sideways "H" when laying flat on a table.
It is basic in function, featuring just three straps: one around the neck, one around the girth, and one to connect the two with a d-ring for the leash! 
These can easily be adjusted to properly fit rabbits, ferrets, and cats! The H-Harness is the safest harness for cats and rabbits as they are not easy to slip out of.


Chloe of Napoleon Bunnyparte enjoying a stroll her in h-harness
Chloe of Napoleon Bunnyparte enjoying a stroll her in h-harness


Measuring for the Best Fit




As each item is tailor-made to your specifications, we do not accept returns or exchanges for made to order items, including all products unless otherwise specified. 
Please review size charts and listing descriptions to select the most appropriate collar for you pet. If you aren't sure of what size or hardware option is best suited for your pet, please contact us

Collars affected by excessive scratching, chewing or tarnishing of hardware from regular use are not eligible for replacement. Any suspected manufacturing defects must be presented within 90-days of purchase, accompanied by a photo of the defect and immediate discontinuation of use. If eligible for replacement or repair, the item must be returned to Danes and Divas for inspection. Return postage will be reimbursed in the form of a partial refund from the original purchase.


Parcels marked "Return to Sender" due to an incorrect mailing address or missed delivery attempts will be mailed again at the expense of the buyer. Any fees that incur with accepting returned mail will be billed to the buyer. Parcels will remain on hold until the buyer is able to submit payment for additional postage of a new shipment. 
After 60-days of inactivity, a refund will be issued minus the original postage amount. 


We do not offer refunds on lost shipments.
If the shipping provider (postal company) cannot issue a reimbursement, we may provide a replacement minus 50% of the sale price, plus shipping at the buyer's expense.


Danes and Divas does not assume any responsibility for any duties, customs or brokerage fees that may incur with accepting parcels internationally.
Please use products responsibly. Never leave your dog tied-out with or while wearing our collars, leashes or harnesses. Never leave detachable accessories attached to collars or harnesses when pets are left unattended.
Danes and Divas does not assume any responsibility for any damage or injuries that occur during use of our products.

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