Danes & Divas closes another busy summer of sewing dog bow ties and collars for the Dog of Honour and Best Mutts of your weddings and pitching tents at our local Pet Festivals. 

Pet-A-Palooza was crazy, as usual! 
Post-rainfall, it died down quite a bit, enough for us to catch a breath anyway! 
Thank you to all who came out to see us and shop from our new fall collection of products. The event was graced by Vancouver native, Seth Rogen which we were fortunate enough to chat with briefly. 
The Danes & Divas founders are huge fans of Seth's, dating back to Freaks & Geeks and 40-Year Old Virgin (Hilarious!). 
Seth and his lovely wife Lauren run a charitable organization, Hilarity for Charity in benefit of Alzheimers Awareness --an organization very close to our hearts since having lost two close relatives to health complications relating to Alzheimers.
These two have huge hearts and use their platform help make a difference in the way people perceive Alzheimers Disease, like meeting with US congress
To learn more about Hilarity for Charity and how you can help make a difference, visit their site at www.hilarityforcharity.org

This fall, Danes & Divas will be sponsoring Etsy Vancouver!
We're proud to be a part of this event as we owe much of our business success to Etsy for allowing our little hobby grow into a company that delivers tail-wagging goodness to your doors everyday. 
Since starting up on Etsy in 2012, we launched danesanddvias.com where a majority of our orders are fulfilled. We still design and manufacture everything ourselves in our suburban studio in British Columbia, Canada and retail on Etsy just as we had done when we first started out, just on a much larger scale! We're excited to meet other fabulous local artisans who create unique and stylish goods for the home, workplace, nursery and more! 

In other exciting news, we just got a peek at the trailer for A Dog's Purpose set to release in 01/27/17. 
Danes & Divas supplied the Corgi's "outfits" in this film with red, white, blue and black collars + bows. 


Based on the best-selling novel, A Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron is sure to tug on your heart-strings --even those of the most burly dog owner! See the trailer below:


Thank you Universal Dreamworks and Purpose Film Productions for the opportunity for us to be even a small part of this production! We're beyond thrilled! 
July 04, 2024 — Danes And Divas