Including your pup in wedding party is no longer an uncommon occurrence. 
Beginning every April through October, pieces from our occasional wear collection fly out from our machines and journey their way to you. 

Linen bow ties, floral appliqués, faux rhinestone and pearly glitter metallic collars and leads outfit the 'Dog of Honor' or 'Best Mutt' for the upcoming nuptials of the modern bride and groom.
Having your pup be a part of your big day is a wonderful idea, but with adorable photos comes great responsibility!
Here are some tips we have found helpful when looking to include your pup on your big day!

Check with the venue

Perhaps one of the most important things to remember when thinking of including your pup in your wedding day is to check with the venue. Similar to hiring a wedding photographer, there may be an additional fee associated with having your pup on venue grounds or, dogs may not be allowed on venue property at all.


During your meet and greet with your wedding photographer, be sure to ask about including your pet in your photos.
They may have some brilliant ideas in staging photographs to include your pup.
They may also not be the best fit for photographing a wiggly pup. 
In speaking with your photographer, be sure to address the possibility of additional fees in photographing with a pup (or two... or three!) during your session. 
To bring focus to the camera (no pun intended!), make you should bring along lots of treats and a squeak toy for your photographer to grab your pups attention for the camera.
Bonus points for introducing your pup to your photographer before your big day!


Customer pup Griffen, looks adorable in his Oyster Metallic Linen collar and bow
as he strikes a pose with his dog mom on her wedding day!

Keep Your Pup Hydrated

Super important, especially in the Summer months. Keeping your pup hydrated during the ceremony and reception will help ensure they are keeping cool throughout the day.
In addition to this, be sure to find a cool spot for your pup to veg out when "off duty". 

Do a 'Pup Fitting' Before Your Big Day

Just as you would try on your dress before your big day to ensure the proper fit, we recommend that you do this with your pup as well.
Adjust your dog’s collar or harness ahead of time and affix any accessories such as a bow ties or floral appliqués to make sure they are familiar with the extra accessories adorning their collar.

Be Prepared for Dirty Paws

A leash is imperative today. 
A leash will ensure your pup is in control and will also help in preventing jumping and lunging in excitement with muddy paws on your gown, suit and guests.
In the event that your dress receives a muddy stamp of approval today, try this:
Take a white, microfibre cloth (keep this in your wedding emergency kit) and a little club soda from the bar and dab away. Be patient and don’t rub! This should lift most if not all of the stain from your dress. 


Scene from a Dog's Purpose featuring Danes & Divas attire
Scene from A Dog's Purpose which featured Danes & Divas Occasional Wear! 

Pup Patrol

No doubt that so much will be happening on your wedding day that it may be difficult to keep an eye on your dog at all times.
We would recommend enlisting the help of a friend or family member to tend to your pup when you’re unavailable. Treats, poop bags and a chew toy are a few great items to bring along for your pooch. Bonus points for bringing along a cute doggy tote bag equipped with these supplies to keep your pup happy and healthy today! 

Stress Happens

With all the action happening on your big day, this can sometimes stress out even the most social pup. If your dog seems a bit stressed, ask for the help of a friend to take your pup for a quiet stroll. Make sure your pup has plenty of water available (stock that Doggy Tote!) and has a quiet, shady spot to hang out if needed.

Brush Up on Toxic Food Knowledge

Make sure that you do a review of things your pup should avoid such as alcohol, onions, grapes, garlic cloves, toxic flowers etc. (Click here for a more in-depth list).
Make sure your guests know to keep things that may be harmful out of reach.
To your dog's dismay, it's important that your guests not feed your dog from a selection of delectable table scraps. The risk of consuming toxic foods or falling ill from rich foods or overeating should be avoided.
Remember, if you’re unable to keep an eye on your dog, have a friend help you out.

That's all for now, If you think we should include something else on our list, feel free to drop us a message HERE.

We hope your day is nothing short of wonderful and that you and your pup have nothing but the best memories to share together from your big day! 


October 17, 2020 — Danes And Divas