NEW! Dry Guy Pet Friendly Stain Guard Danes & Divas

NEW! Dry Guy Pet Friendly Stain Guard

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We've applied it, we've tried it, tested it, put it through the ringer and couldn't be more pleased with locally produced, Dry Guy products!
Made in Vancouver, Canada, this pet and eco-friendly stain guard creates a barrier between dirt and debris and collar textiles which can help extend the life of your pet's new outfit.
Dry Guy also helps in deterring mold and mildew, protecting nylon webbing and textile fibres in between washes.

We have tried this solution on all of our textile collars and have found the best result with our PolyCanvas and Polyester Woven Ribbon collars, however it may also be used on our designer linen and cotton textile to protect them from dirt and debris between hand washing without any discolouration or staining of the textile. 

Our fave features: 

  • Nearly odourless –perfect for sensitive snouts! 
  • Removing dirt and debris is a breeze when hand washing items
  • Re-treat a freshly washed outfit with a few spritzes every 3-4 washes
  • Let treatment dry for 24 hours for the best result
  • Use on other accessories such as bandanas, bow ties, collar flowers and leashes –even coats and footwear!

Ready to ship to Canada and the USA. 
Proprietary Formula made in Vancouver, Canada by Dry Guy Waterproofing

D O G   C O L L A R S 

Size Available Width Adjustable Length Recommendations
Small (S) 3/4" 10"-14"

Suitable for small breeds from 10lbs to 18lbs

Medium (M) 3/4" and 1" 12"-16" Suitable for small and medium breeds up to 40lbs
Large (L) 1" and 1.5" 15"-21" Suitable for medium to large breeds up to 90lbs
Extra Large (XL) 1" and 1.5" 19"-27" Suitable for giant breeds up to 150lbs


D E T A C H A B L E    B O W   T I E S 

Size Sizing Recommendations
3 2" x 3"

Suitable for small to medium collars or harnesses up to a 1.5" width

4 2.25" x 4"

Suitable for medium to large collars or harnesses up to a 1.5" width

5 2.5" x 5" Suitable for large to XL collars or harnesses up to a 1.5" width


D O G   H A R N E S S E S

Size Available Width Adjustable Girth Recommendations
Small (S) 3/4" 15"-20"

Most small breeds from 10lbs - 18lbs

Medium (M) 3/4" 18"-25" Small to medium breeds up to 40lbs
Large (L) 1" 25"-31" Medium to large breeds up to 65lbs
Extra Large (XL) 1" 27"-40" Large breeds up to 85lbs



Danes + Divas® products are designed, manufactured and dispatch from British Columbia, Canada. All products unless noted otherwise are made to order from start-to-finish in our studio. 

L E A D   T I M E S

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IN-STOCK ITEMS Unless purchased along with a tailor-made item, these orders will dispatch within 3-5 business days
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 7-10 Business Days with DHL*


7-10 Business Days with DHL*

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As each item is custom tailor-made to your specifications, we do not accept returns or exchanges at this time. 
Please review size charts and listing descriptions to select the most appropriate collar for your pet. If you aren't sure of what size or hardware option is best suited for your pet, please visit our Size FAQ here or contact us
If there is a problem with your order, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you further! 


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Danes and Divas does not assume any responsibility for any damage or injuries that may occur during use with our products. Please use products responsibly. Never leave your dog tied-out with or while wearing our collars, leashes or harnesses. Never leave detachable accessories attached to collars or harnesses when pets are left unattended.
Collars affected by excessive scratching, chewing or tarnished hardware are not eligible for replacement. Any manufacturing defects must be presented with a photo. If eligible for replacement or repair, the item must be returned to Danes and Divas for inspection. Return potage is the responsibility of the buyer.
Items returned without notice may not be accepted.

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In an effort to streamline production amid continued COVID-19 precautions and to prevent delays with fulfilling orders, we've discontinued some custom options including engraving and martingale add-ons. 
We thank you for your patronage and business and are wishing you and your family well!