With so many different dog collars on the market, it can make decisions difficult when it comes to buying the perfect collar for your pet.
Here is a run-down on a few common collar styles you’ll find and how they benefit your pet.

The most common collars we see and are asked about are:

  • Flat Collars (Side-release buckle)
  • Breakaway/Safety buckle Cat Collars
  • Loop and Chain Martingale Collars
  • Traditional "Bar Buckle" and Chicago Screw Collars
Flat Collars

Flat collar or "Side-release collars" are the most common collar that we sell. 
These collars feature a male and female end with two prongs that are pinched together to open or “release” the buckle. To close the buckle, the two ends are pushed together to slide and lock into place.The side-release collars are quite popular and are great everyday collars for your pup.
The side-release buckles are available in nickel plated, brass plated and an ultra-strong black plastic composite.These collars are adjustable using a slide-adjuster (commonly found on adjustable bag straps etc), have a welded metal d-ring to attach tags and leash hooks and are available in a variety of sizes and widths to accommodate growing pups. 

Breakaway Cat Collars

Breakaway Cat Collars are perfect for both indoor and outdoor cats. These collars provide a d-ring for identification and adjust in the same way as our side-release collars do.Breakaway collars feature a quick-release buckle which releases with tension, meaning your cat’s collar will not catch on something from which they can’t escape. Instead, the breakaway buckle simply releases and your cat can safely resume whatever they were doing.

 Martingale Collars

Martingale Dog Collars, also known as “half-check” collars, commonly come in two styles:
Loop Martingale (also called a Fabric Martingale) and Chain Martingale.Chain martingale collars are half fabric and half chain. 

The chain martingale is commonly used in place of a choke chain (all-chain) dog collar, where it provides the same tightening correction for dogs who pull but is much more gentle on the neck.Loop martingale collars are a customer favourite for medium-large breed dogs. These have the same effect as chain martingales, but have a loop of nylon in place of the chain for a less abrasive effect on your dog’s skin and coat. This is particularly important in dogs with sensitivities or who need the support of a wider collar. Often loop martingales are used for dogs whose necks are the same width as their heads, which can cause a bit of difficulty when keeping your dog from slipping out of their collar. The loop martingale softly tightens to prevent slipping and offers that same light correction that chain martingales do.We most commonly make 1″ and 1-1/2″ martingale collars in sizes small through extra large for Sighthounds, Danes and other long-necked dogs. While these collars do not traditionally come with side-release buckles, Danes & Divas offers the option of combining both a side-release buckle and martingale chain or fabric loop for convenient on-and-off. 

Martingales can be used on medium to giant breed dogs but are not ideal for smaller dogs.
Harnesses are the best option to control pulling with small breeds.

Danes + Divas® Signature Vegan Leather Collars

Traditional Buckled Collars, much like a belt, feature a bar buckle and a series of holes or grommets. The buckle features a "pin" (also known as the tongue) that goes through the hole or grommet of the collar to anchor in the the desired length.

The Vegan Leather Side Release Collar features the same side-release buckles used with our most popular style of collars, but adjust with a Chicago Screw (shown at the bottom left) that acts like the "pin" or "tongue" seen in the traditional collar to anchor the adjusted length in place via the a series of holes. The screw has threads like any screw that secure into the screw back. The screw is tightened with a common screwdriver or even a coin until a tight lock is achieved.
The screw may be removed and allocated to another hole as needed.

Our Recommendations

A good rule of thumb when choosing the width of any collar is, the smaller the dog, the narrower the width, where as the larger the dog, the wider the width.

Another tip is that when fitting your pet for a new collar, it’s important to leave enough room for two fingers to fit between your dog’s neck and the collar for the most comfortable and secure fit.
Click HERE for sizing info.

If your dog tends to pull on lead, choose a martingale collar or harness.
If your dog isn’t in need of correction while on walks and doesn’t tend to slip out of their collars, or if you prefer to remove their collar often, a side-release buckle would be your best choice.
If you have a cat, choose a breakaway collar.

If you have any questions about the styles of collars we have available or what style would be best suited for your pup, be sure to send us a message!

October 17, 2020 — Danes And Divas