Policies & FAQS

Below are a few commonly asked questions. 

Please feel free to reach out to us if you do not see your question listed below. 


Q: Re: Canada Post Rotating Strikes, will my shipment be affected? (Updated Nov 16/18)

A: In lieu of the Canada Post Rotating Strikes affecting many sorting facilities and operations within Canada, customers in Canada will now see an option at checkout to have their order deliver with FedEx instead. This is available for provinces that are currently affected. 
If you opt for Canada Post, please note that the delivery estimates will vary according to the processing delays Canada Post is currently experiencing at this time. 
While Canada Post is a more cost effective method of shipping, FedEx offers an on-time Guarentee of 5 business days to most provinces. 

US will be unaffected at this time as these orders will ship with our independent US-bound courier for USPS fulfillment of final delivery.

International customers will have the option of delivery with Asendia at checkout which is recommended at this time. 

Q: What are the care instructions for Danes & Divas dog and cat collars? 

Hand washing as needed will bring new life to your pup's dirty collar. Use a mild detergent, warm water and lay flat to dry for best results.

Thoroughly dry all metal components with a soft cloth after washing but before setting out to dry. 

Some items may have more specific care instructions such as spot cleaning though this will be noted within the item description.
To clean up brass hardware and have it sparkling like new, you can use a dab of brass polish found in most grocery outlets and general stores. Alternatively, a jeweller's rouge polishing cloth (our favourite is Fabulustre) can restore the sparkle and shine of our limited edition Rose Gold and Brass hardware components.

Please note that no collar is indestructible.

To extend the longevity of your pet's new outfit, we recommend alternating them with another item throughout the year (just as with your favourite top or pair of shoes) to reduce the wear and tear on the one item significantly.
Our items are carefully crafted designer pieces that look fabulous when cared for properly.
Alternating between two to three of your pet's favourite collars throughout the year along with inspecting regularly for wear and tear of material and hardware components is recommended to ensure the safety of your pup and extend the life of your pet's bespoke outfit. 

Wear and tear will depend on your pup's unique lifestyle (and their pawdicures!). Lucky pups that lounge indoors all day will wear into their collars a lot different than more adventure dogs who can't resist a good dirt pile or muddy excursion. If your pup is particularly active, our Nude Essentials line as well as our Vegan Leather will compliment their lifestyle best. Also be sure to check out any seasonal Canvas additions to our shop!

Q: When will my order dispatch?

A: We work hard to ensure that all orders are out the door and on their way to you within 1-2 weeks from the date your order is placed.
Engraving may take up to 3-weeks to complete. 

Q: When will my order arrive once it has shipped? 

A: This will vary based on the shipping method you select. 
Click here for estimated delivery times.

Q: Do I get a tracking number with my order?

A: Parcel tracking is available by default with orders shipping within Canada, USA, MX, Central & South America, EU, UK, AU, NZ and Asia. 

Q: How do I return an order?

A: As each item is tailor-made to your specifications, we do not accept returns or exchanges at this time. 
Please review size charts and listing descriptions to select the most appropriate collar for your pet. If you aren't sure of what size or hardware option is best suited for your pet, please contact us

Q: What if my parcel tracking is delayed?

A: USPS tracking will activate within 48-72 business hours. Once it crosses the border, tracking will activate with an average of 5 business days for delivery thereafter.

Canada Post & FedEx tracking usually updates within 24 business hours once shipments have been picked up by a Canada Post courier. 

If delays occur at postal sorting facilities or as a result of customs processing, they will usually resolve within a few days but may take up to 4 weeks. 
This is extremely rare but we will follow along on the progress with you to ensure your shipment's arrival. 

Delays due to customs processing or environmental conditions may occur. 
For the most up-to-date information, you may call your postal service or visit the tracking page or contact your delivery courier.

Q: What if my parcel doesn't arrive or is damaged in the mail?

A: Be sure to check with your local post office first!
Deliveries will most often be there.

If your order has been marked as delivered but has not been received, please wait 48 business hours as it may still deliver.

If your order is missing and you have a tracking number available, you can speak with a service representative from the postal company delivering your shipment.

If an investigation is required, the standard procedure following this will be to retrieve the missing shipment if possible or determine if the shipment is eligible for reimbursement. Canada Post and USPS may require up to 4 weeks for domestic shipments and 8 weeks for international shipments to investigate the missing delivery.

Unless a refund or reimbursement from the postal company has been sent to us in lieu of a missing shipment, we do not offer refunds or replacements on lost shipments.
If the postal company determines that they cannot reimburse you, they will need to contact us to inform us this decision. As this is a rare occurrence, this would be handled on a case-by-case basis to determine an appropriate resolution. 

Q: Is there a guarantee on Danes & Divas products? 
We do offer a 90-day guarantee from manufacturing defects. Beyond 90-days is considered regular wear and tear. 
To enhance the lifetime of your pet's collar, be sure to refer to the care instructions in the listing description and within the first FAQ above. 


Q: How can I contact Danes & Divas if needed?

A: Send us an inquiry here

Additional Information:

We are located in British Columbia, Canada and operate Monday through Friday, 8am - 4pm PST excluding Christian & statutory holidays. 


The following will also be made available at the checkout point before payment.
Danes and Divas does not assume any responsibility for any duties, customs or brokerage fees that may incur with accepting your parcel internationally or any delays that occur as a result of delayed postal processing/delivery or customs processing.

Danes and Divas does not assume any responsibility for any damage or injuries that occur during use with our products. Please use products responsibly. Never leave your dog tied-out with or while wearing our collars, leashes or harnesses. Never leave detachable accessories attached to collars or harnesses when pets are left unattended.
Collars affected by excessive scratching, chewing or tarnished hardware are not eligible for replacement. Any manufacturing defects must be presented with a photo. If eligible for replacement or repair, the item must be returned to Danes and Divas for inspection. Return potage is the responsibility of the buyer.
Parcels marked "Returned to Sender" due to an incorrect mailing address or missed delivery will be mailed again at the expense of the buyer. Any fees that incur with accepting a return of a defective product or returned mail will be billed to the buyer. 

Intellectual Property:
Danes And Divas is a registered trademark.
All content, including but not limited to photography and product descriptions are property of Danes and Divas and may not be used without written consent.

Privacy Policy:
Danes & Divas does not sell or rent confidential information to any organization of person for any reason. Danes & Divas does not share your confidential information with third parties unless required by law.
Billing information and email addresses are encrypted in our system.


Danes & Divas Sizing





CAT 7"-10" Fits most cats and kittens.
Features a breakaway safety buckle
Extra Small (XS) 7"-10"

Suitable for toy breeds up to 5lbs

Small (S) 10"-14" Suitable for small breeds up to 18lbs 
Medium (M) 12"-16"

Suitable for small + medium breeds up to 40lbs

Large (L) 15"-21"

Suitable for medium + large breeds up to 90lbs 

Extra Large (XL) 19"-27"

Suitable for large + giant breeds up to 150lbs



Our harnesses come in two styles. The H-Harness for cats and rabbits or the Step-In Harness for dogs. Our H-Harnesses require neck and girth measurements.
Step-In Harnesses only require a girth measurement.


Adjustable Length


XS H-Harness  Neck: 7"-9" Girth: 10"-14" Small Rabbits + Petite Cats
Small H-Harness Neck: 9"-13" Girth: 12"-17" Larger Rabbits + Cats
XS Step-In Harness 8"-13" Girth Toy breeds up to 5lbs
Small Step-In Harness 12"-18" Girth Small breed dogs
Medium Step-In Harness 16"-23" Girth

Small to Medium Breeds

Large Step-In Harness 21"-29" Girth

Medium to Large Breeds up to 65lbs

XL Step-In-Harness CUSTOM

Please send us an email with your dog's chest and girth measurements to ensure the best fit

How to measure your dog for a harness

Our bow ties are made to attach to any collar up to a 1.5" width. Simply select your pet's bow tie based on your preference or as per our recommendations below. 



3" Suitable for puppies, cats and toy breeds
4" Suitable for small to large breeds
5" Suitable for large to giant breeds


The bandana you choose should only occupy three-quarters of the length of your dog's collar. This will allow room to access the collar's d-ring and buckle.




XS 6"W x 4.5" Drop Cats + Teacup Breeds
Small 8"W x 6" Drop Dogs up to 20lbs
Medium 10"W x 7" Drop Dogs up to 40lbs
L/XL 14"W x 9" Drop Dogs up to 150lbs
Measurements are recorded in inches. 
As purchases are a final sale, we recommend measuring your pet before ordering.
Each item is tailor-made to the specifications you select. If alterations are required to the standard measurements above, please make your request here.
Be sure to refer to safety tips regarding detachable collar accessories here.